Camille Duplessis

Camille is a storyteller by trade. They’re a thalassophile who sadly resides near Chicago, where there’s just a very large lake and no sea. They have a penchant for complexities, antiheroes, and redemption arcs, which probably shows in their unique approach to old creatures like selkies. An enquiring mind, you’ll find they’re fond of asking questions, taking walks, and companionable solitude.

Like Silk Breathing

Like Silk Breathing

February 1900

One winter night during a bout of melancholy, the misunderstood Silence “Tom” Apollyon tries to drown himself on a lonely stretch of beach in Norfolk. A stranger, Theodore Harper, drags him safely from the water—not that Tom wants to be saved. Theo, though, is a selkie, a being who has no trouble fishing him out of water.

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