Heber Books is a grassroots publishing company. What started out as an intentionally small program by New York Times bestselling author Tanya Anne Crosby to advocate for fellow authors has become a new-world institution with solutions for a new age of publishing. OHB’s core program is essentially a white-glove partnership, supporting both backlist and frontlist. However, while this program is currently closed to new submissions and will remain invitation-only for the foreseeable future, we are pleased to announce the opening of submissions to both agented and non-agented works for our digital-first line, Primera. 

What genres are you seeking?

Because our team is small, our submission call is narrow. We are currently seeking Historical Mysteries, Regency Romance, Victorian Romance, and Fantasy our Primera imprint.

Do you have specific submission calls?
  • Stories with strong-savvy heroines
  • Detective stories (particularly with female sleuths)
  • Regency or Victorian Romance
  • Rom-Com
  • Own voices and stories with diversity
  • Stories with series potential
What don't you accept?

WE DO NOT ACCEPT Inspirational/Christian Romance, Children’s Books, Poetry, Biography/Autobiography, Comic, Manga, Cookbooks, DIY, or Self-Help, Short stories. We also do not accept partial manuscripts. We also do not accept partial or simultaneous submissions.

Do I have to have an agent to submit?

No, we accept both agented and non-agented works.

What should I submit?

We will only accept quality books that fit our submission guidelines.

Because we are a digital-first publisher, we also prefer to work with authors who have a robust online presence, and who are committed to promoting and marketing their work. Therefore, along with your submission letter, please include the following:

  • A bio (with links to any websites or social media)
  • A synopsis of your book and the full manuscript (both as separate, attached word documents)

We do not accept partial submissions. Please be sure your submission fits our guidelines. Because of the size of our team, improper or partial submissions will not receive a response.

We will accept complete manuscripts in the following genres: Historical Mysteries (50-120k words), Regency Romance (novellas 40k, full-length 50-90k), Victorian Romance (novellas 40k, full-length 50-90k), WWII stories, and Rom-Com (novellas 40k, full-length 50-90k). Please note, however, novellas are only accepted as part of a series.

If you are an established author, you may query with a request to send a partial manuscript.

When will I hear back?

We read all submissions, however, because of the volume of inquiries we receive and the size of our team, we cannot give you a detailed response with editorial feedback. Please allow ample time for a response.

I'm interested in the "White-Glove" Program.

As of January 2023, our program for backlist management is invitation-only.

Ready to submit?"

We are

  • A Full-Service Publisher. We pay for professional editing, cover design, formatting, and marketing support.
  • Selective. We do not accept all submissions and prefer to work with more established authors.
  • Author-Friendly. It’s our mission to be the ultimate publishing experience and advocate for our authors.
  • Inclusive. We actively pursue diversity. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ authors are encouraged to submit.

We are not

  • A Publishing Collective. We only accept submissions that fit our quality standards and imprint requirements.
  • A Vanity Press. We pay our authors, not the other way around. We require only quality writing and marketable books.