About Oliver Heber Books & Gnarly Wool Publishing

Founded by veteran author Tanya Anne Crosby, Oliver Heber Books is a boutique, or niche publisher, specializing in historical romance, historical fantasy, paranormal romance, historical mysteries, women’s fiction and suspense. We’ve been in the e-book and print business since 2011; however, Tanya Anne Crosby has been in the publishing industry since 1989.

Our goal is to help established authors gain a stronger foothold into publishing by helping them to grow their business on multiple platforms, beginning with their backlist. Rather than a traditional publishing experience, think full-service, white-glove partnership. 

Interested in joining our team? Our authors are chosen selectively, on a case-by-case basis and receive equitable attention, with growth potential in various mediums, including hardcover, paperback, and foreign editions; therefore, we do not accept general submissions. 

Although we are not currently accepting new clients, that may change as circumstances allow. Therefore, if you’re an established author, with a backlist to be managed, inquiries can be made to acquisitions@oliver-heberbooks.com.

Gnarly Wool Books is an imprint of Oliver Heber Books.

What is a "White Glove Publishing Partnership"?

We do not consider ourselves a “traditional” publisher in the usual sense. e.g. We do not accept general submissions for new works, nor do we act autonomously in our decisions for our partners. Rather, every author’s experience is different, and our services are tailored to their needs. While OHB does retain the right to make high-level marketing decisions, our authors’ goals are considered foremost in every decision we make. We accept partners, not works.

Is Oliver Heber Books a Vanity Press?

No. In this respect, OHB behaves more like a “traditional” publisher. We pay publishing expenses and pay royalties to our authors.

Do you take "General Submissions"?

No. Our authors are chosen selectively and receive equitable attention. If you are an established author, with a backlist to be managed, queries may be sent to acquisitions@oliver-heberbooks.com. However, because OHB’s commitment is to our authors first, new partners will be reviewed and accepted infrequently.

Why do you only work with "Established Authors"?

We are not currently equipped, nor is it our mission to guide new authors in the craft of writing. While we do sometimes work with developmental editors, it is our preference to work with partners who are confident in their craft, if not always in their publishing path.

Many of our authors are veterans in the industry, and publish both independently and traditionally; they simply don’t wish to manage their indie books and/or prefer to spend their time writing. Others, for a variety of reasons don’t have the energy to maintain a backlist. Or, perhaps they might need help to harness the power of indie publishing and leverage available strategies and marketing potentials.

Do you pay royalties?

Yes. We pay royalties on a monthly basis.

I have a backlist, but don't know if I want to write new books. Is this something OHB is interested in?

Possibly. It depends on a number of factors, including genre, and the number of books. Some of our authors do not currently write new material; however, the publishing experience is richer and more lucrative if the author is engaged in writing new works and/or active on social media.

All these things are factors considered in the acquirement of new partners.

I want to write new books; do you also publish new releases.

Yes. However, we DO NOT take submissions for new books, nor do we dictate what our authors should write next.

It is our goal to assist our authors with their personal publishing goals. However, when we do take on a partner, we anticipate and prefer that the author publish “new indie” works” through OHB. This is a criterion for publication and is something we would take into consideration while reviewing potential new partners.

If you ONLY wish to publish new works and are not interested in our partnership program for your backlist, you might prefer to submit your new book submission to our sister publisher Dragonblade Publishing at query@dragonbladepublishing.com.

Do you promote your authors?

Yes. We have a robust program for both backlist and new works, which is, for the most part, implemented at OHB’s expense.

I'm an "Established Author" but I want to keep my backlist. Are you interested in publishing my new works.

Probably not. In order to do the best job possible for our partners, our marketing and advertising strategies work in tandem for both old and new works. That said, there are exceptions; therefore, if you have a proposal, please inquire with the publisher at acquisitions@oliver-heberbooks.com.

I'm an "Established Author" but I currently publish with another Indie press or would like to publish new works on my own. Would you be interested in my backlist.

Probably not. Our strategies work best if we have both your backlist and at your indie frontlist; if you are happy with your current indie publisher, or if you would like to publish new works on your own, OHB is probably not for you. However, every situation is different. If you have a proposal, you might wish to inquire with the publisher at acquisitions@oliver-heberbooks.com.

However, some of our clients continue to write for traditional publishers as well; this is perfectly fine with us, and even encouraged. Rather, OHB prefers to retain the option to publish “all new Indie works.”

I have a large backlist; would you be interested in publishing only a portion of it?

Possibly. It depends on the genre and number of books. Please inquire with the publisher at acquisitions@oliver-heberbooks.com.

“I am thrilled and deeply grateful to be an author in the Oliver-Heber stable, and since signing with them earlier this year, have watched my sales go from dull to dynamite in the space of a few short months. Integrity, marketing savvy, drive and determination are hallmarks of Oliver-Heber, and I look forward to a long and lucrative relationship with this exciting publishing house!” 

Danelle Harmon