About Oliver Heber Books & Gnarly Wool Publishing

by | Jul 10, 2019

We are a small press bound by the belief that every voice matters and that lives can be enriched through the written word. We believe that only by elevating authors can their voices remain strong and vibrant.

Founded by veteran author Tanya Anne Crosby, Oliver Heber Books has been in the e-book and print business since 2011, but Tanya herself has been a published author, and leader in the industry since 1992. Her commitment to elevating fellow authors is evidenced by OHB’s powerhouse list of celebrated female authors, who write in genres across the spectrum.

Gnarly Wool Publishing is an imprint of Oliver Heber Books


We are not currently accepting new submissions, though this may change as circumstances allow. We specialize in women’s fiction, romance, fantasy, historical mysteries, cozy mysteries, and suspense, and Own Voices authors are encouraged to submit.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT: Inspirational/Christian Romance, Children’s Books, Poetry, Biography/Autobiography, Comic, Manga, Cookbooks, DIY or Self-Help.

“I am thrilled and deeply grateful to be an author in the Oliver-Heber stable, and since signing with them earlier this year, have watched my sales go from dull to dynamite in the space of a few short months. Integrity, marketing savvy, drive and determination are hallmarks of Oliver-Heber, and I look forward to a long and lucrative relationship with this exciting publishing house!”

Danelle Harmon

We are

  • A Full-Service Publisher. We pay for professional editing, cover design, formatting, marketing support.
  • Selective. We do not accept all submissions and prefer to work with more established authors.
  • Author-Friendly. It’s our mission to be the ultimate publishing experience and advocate for our authors.
  • Inclusive. We actively pursue diversity. BIPOC and LGBTQIA authors are encouraged to submit.

We are not

  • A Publishing Collective. We only accept submissions that fit our quality standards and imprint requirements.
  • A Vanity Press. We pay our authors, not the other way around. We require only quality writing and marketable books.
  • A Volunteer Operation. We hire professionals to edit, format, publish, and market your manuscript in the most successful way possible.