Who do I go to for help?

For most things, it will be me. Please feel free to email me as needed. You’re never bothering me. However, please note that sometimes I can’t get right to your email. I promise to answer as soon as I can.

You’re safe going to Alaina Crosby, Senior Editor for most editorial questions. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll know who to go to. In addition to her editorial duties, she also handles social media. If you have ideas for her, or would like to work more closely with her in this respect, email Alaina at alaina@oliver-heberbooks.com.

Email Kate Ward, Assistant Editor for anything relating to the Review Team, ARCs, Book Blogger submissions for Fresh Fiction, Netgalley, website, and copyrights kate@oliver-heberbooks.com.

Evelyn Adams is our Marketing Manager. She also handles all A+ content for Amazon. If you have questions for her or would like to request A+ content for a book, feel free to reach out (CC me). (evelyn@oliver-heberbooks.com)

I have a friend I'd like to recommend for the program. Should I send her to you?

There is a waitlist, but I do prioritize recommendations. We are not currently accepting new clients for the program, but we are accepting agented, new-book submissions. Even so, I encourage you to refer them to me directly so I can either consider them for the waitlist or, if it’s for our new-books program, they can feel free to submit without an agent with your recommendation. 

What month are the royalty representative of?

We pay on Amazon’s timeline. Quite literally, they drop funds on the 29th and we turn around and give them to you between the 1st and 3rd of the month. I realize the statements are confusing, and I’m working with Royalty Tracker to correct the statements so they reflect the proper pay periods. But please be patient. This is turning out to be much tougher than we realized and will facilitate moving us to a whole new server.

How do we get paid?

Your payments will either come as a monthly direct deposit or through Wise for foreign-based clients. We’re using Quickbooks Intuit, and you should have received an invitation to join, where you can privately input your banking information. If you run into glitches, I can help do it manually, but I prefer not to do this to preserve your privacy. If you are already set up and just can’t access Quickbooks, here is the link to Quickbooks. Please use the email your statements are sent to.

If you have never accessed your account, and can’t find your invitation, please email me @ tanya@oliver-heverbooks.com. I can send you a new link, but please be apprised that the invites are time sensitive and please be ready to set up your account when you get it. If you don’t, it will necessitate me deleting you and re-adding you.

This system might change in the new year. I’m in talks with my banker to provide a similar, client-based service that will enable us to manage this more effectively.

I have a friend who is an editor. Are you accepting resumes.

Always. Please encourage your friend to write me at tanya@oliver-heberbooks.com 

What is Royalty Portal?

It’s a service we subscribe to that automatically takes all our raw royalty data uploads and allots royalties according to our terms. This removes the element of human error from our statements, as much as possible. We are also working toward a real-time option, but this is not currently available. If you have questions about Royalty Tracker, please email tanya@oliver-heberbooks.com 

I think there's a mistake on my statement. What should I do?

Email tanya@oliver-heberbooks.com. I encourage you to check your statements, especially your first ones. The initial entry is done manually, so there can be input errors that need to be corrected.

Where is my "Calendar"? I can't find it.

Our calendars, including our publication calendars, are all powered by iCal. Check your iCloud and iCal. If you still can’t find it, email tanya@oliver-heberbooks.com 

I signed up to have my books shopped for audio and foreign editions, but I haven't heard back.

Our sub-rights agent is amazing, and she works hard for us, but she doesn’t submit your books when she knows there will be a no. Sometimes, this is because you might not have enough reviews, or the reviews aren’t high enough. EVERYONE who has signed up for this option is always on the radar, and we are watching your titles for the opportune moment to roll up our sleeves and attempt to sell for you. Please be patient.

When will my book get an Ingrams paperback?

The goal is to get everyone onto Ingrams so we can all benefit from the relationship we’re building with Ingrams and Lightning Source. But this is a massive project. We’re rotating between authors, and have four staff members on this project, so we’ll get there, I promise. 

Eventually, we’d like to exploit ALL print options, including large print and hardcover for libraries.

What are these AMG ads I keep hearing about?

These are not the same as AMS ads. Every OHB author gets Facebook and AMS ads. AMG ads are short for Amazon Marketing Group ads. These are curated entirely by Amazon and managed by a team that includes three dedicated Amazon marketing folks (a manager, creative expert and analytics expert), plus our own Eli Brewer, formerly of Amazon Marketing Group and working independently with us.

Not everyone will get these right away, and they DO NOT work for every title, nor every time we run them and they are expensive (10k per book per ad). Therefore, we handpick which titles we feel are good candidates, and this is also not included in our contract terms. They necessitate a signed amendment because these are a shared expense, along with Goodreads ads, and various other high-dollar marketing promotions. If you want to know if your book is right for an AMG ad, feel free to reach out to me, but generally, I’m looking for HIGHLY connected books that are in KU and are likely to generate the revenue to cover these expensive ads.

I know I get Facebook and AMS ads, but I don't see these for all my books.

We DO NOT do this for every title, all the time. The way these work on a basic level is that we will generally commit a portion of OHB’s share of your revenue to your promotions, including Facebook and AMS ads. The amount we spend is directly dependent upon your revenue (or, more to the point, our share of your revenue). Your promos and ads are adjusted monthly depending on this revenue. Although often, we do go above and beyond (much to my accountant’s dismay), we do try hard to stick as closely to this yardstick as possible.

Additionally, AMS ads have a cap that helps prevent us from going too far over budget, so you’ll generally see your ads more active at the beginning of a month and shutting off toward the end of the month unless we see a strong ad that is operating well in the black. Then, we’ll go above and beyond, and extend your budget.

Where can I find a list of pertinent links for OHB?

This is our website: https://oliver-heberbooks.com/

If you find anything on this that’s incorrect or needs to be updated, please email kate@oliver-heberbooks.com and cc me.

OHB Author Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/278743583362256

OHB Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oliverheberbooks

OHB Twitter (Just starting this, but you might as well follow): https://twitter.com/HeberBooks

A link I encourage you go give fave reviewers to sign up to review your books: https://oliver-heberbooks.com/review-team/

A link I encourage you to give to preferred Book Bloggers https://oliver-heberbooks.com/1801-2/