“If you can laugh during sex, it’s a sign of true love.”

I read that somewhere, and thought it was a deep truth. Obviously, it depends on what one is laughing about. I mean, you want to be laughing with each other, not at one another, but that goes without saying. Right?

There’s always a level of comedy in my novels, and my spunky but skeptical Kiley, living in a very haunted house, gave me a mountain of material.

There is no story I enjoy more than one with an ensemble cast—or what I refer to as a Scooby gang—and that’s what’s at the heart of The Fatal series.

The series began as a single novella that won me a RITA® Award after 13 nominations. I was nominated and didn’t win so many times, they were calling me the Susan Lucci of romance novelists, back when that reference made sense. (Google it.)

Later, when the rights to that story reverted to me from the publisher, I prepared to re-release it under my own label. This process always involves an update and an edit from my professional editor/eldest daughter.

When said editor-daughter finished with the first story (FATAL FIXER-UPPER) she called to tell me that it was begging be a series. I already had a Scooby gang by the end of it, she pointed out, and she wanted to hear more about each of them. I always listen to my daughters. (There are five of them—it’s hard not to!) So, the Fatal Series was born.

FATAL PHANTASM is the fourth book in the series, but each can be read and enjoyed on its own. And it’s my very first new release since I signed with Oliver Heber Books.

About the story:

A woman from Jack’s past shows up to ask for help exorcising her dead husband, who is haunting her tropical private-island mansion. Kiley, who didn’t even know Jack had an ex, wants to take the job anyway because of the big bucks being offered by the wealthy widow. Lady El, the 60s jazz singer house ghost only Kiley can see, thinks it’s a terrible idea, yet figures out a way to come along.

Murder and mayhem ensue.

This Fatal series is similar to my Brown and de Luca thrillers in attitude, but lighter and shorter. I like the breezy feel of the Fatal books. They’re not gigantic tomes, but shorter books around the length of the old Harlequin Temptation line. The sex stays behind closed doors, but the chemistry sizzles all the same. The mystery, the romance, and the quirky characters keep readers turning pages.

Jack is a reluctant hero and Kiley’s a skeptical firebrand and proud owner of the most haunted house in Burnt Hills, NY. Neither of them even believed in ghosts before their own close encounters of the spooky kind.

Maya is a working witch and internet celeb, fighting not to fall for Johnny Redhawk, because he’s way too young for her. So being stranded on a tropical island with him, even with ghosts and crazy killer cultists after them, is too much temptation to resist!

If you (like me) still consider Scooby Doo the best cartoon ever made, and if you (like me) enjoy belly laughs while having the crap scared out of you, and if you (like me) can’t get enough of that warm, ooey gooey feeling you get when the hero says or does just the right thing at just the right time, then you’re gonna love this series.

Learn more about the Fatal series at MaggieShayne.com/fatal

I’m Maggie Shayne.

I was born a storyteller, and I will cross to the other side a storyteller, and when I get there, I’ll haunt some young writer who’s still on earth by whispering my stories into her ears, because I’ll still be a storyteller. I think that’s what our muses are. Storytellers gone by. I am so incredibly blessed, because I got a really good one. I love her.

My stories are Paranormal Romances like my groundbreaking Wings in the Night vampire romance series, (the original “Twilight” vampire novels) and my wildly popular Fatal Series, (rom-com ghost mysteries with a Scooby gang you’ll want to join.) I’ve also penned two epic witch series, The Immortals and The Portal trilogy, along with fantasy romance quartet By Magic

My stories are also small town contemporary romances all about family, loyalty and love, like The Texas Brand Series, The Oklahoma Brands, and The McIntyre Men.

I have spun Romantic Thrillers like my career-best Brown & de Luca series, The Mordecai Young Series, The Secrets of Shadow Falls, Shattered Sisters.

All info about my books and my CoffeeHouse blog are at MaggieShayne.com

I also write spiritual self-help books. I blog and teach about natural magic, the law of attraction. I offer personal readings, and I have a little magic shop. You can find all of that at BlissBlog.org

I love who I am, what I do, and everything about my life. I especially love my readers, because, let’s face it, storytelling would be pretty pointless without them. You. I love knowing you as much as possible, via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, my newsletter and my blogs. You can also follow me on BookBub.

So pick a story, any story, and then curl up in a comfy chair, and wrap your softest blanket around your shoulders. Fill your favorite mug with your favorite warm beverage and fall into my worlds for a little while. I think you’re gonna like it here.


Maggie Shayne,



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