We’re so thrilled to welcome Miriam Minger to the blog this week! She’s celebrating the release of My Highland Champion next week, the 5th in her Warriors of the Highlands series!

So Miriam, tell us a little bit about what got you started writing in the first place.

I loved reading Historical Romance, and thought I could write one, too.  Finally, I did write my first book—an adventure-filled Viking romance—and a new career was born for me.

And how many books do you have now?

Thirty-five, I believe.

That’s quite an accomplishment! Now, you write predominantly Historical Romances. Is there a particular time period you really love to explore in your books? And why?

I love the medieval time period—Vikings, Highlanders, Knights—as that really fires my imagination.  I also love Regencies, and I’ve written books that take place in the 18th Century as well.

Is there a time period you haven’t written in that you’ve always wanted to dabble in?

Maybe the 1940s during WWII.

What was the inspiration for My Highland Champion?

My Highland Champion takes place six years after the first four books in the series, so it was fun to see what has happened to the original characters during that time.  Sorcha and David, the heroine and hero of My Highland Champion, were both teenagers in the earlier books, and this latest book in the series is their love story.

What about the characters? Do David or Sorcha have any real-life counterparts?

Not really, they spring right from my imagination.

Did you have a favorite character? What did you love the most about writing them?

I love all of my characters, and they’re all unique and special.  It’s always interesting as a writer to see how the story unfolds and how my characters triumph over challenges.  These days, I don’t use outlines, so I never know what’s going to happen!

Are we going to see any of these characters again in other books?

Yes, Book 6 of Warriors of the Highlands is My Highland Defender (August 2023), and will have some of the characters from the earlier books.

When you’re researching for these novels, you must come across so many fascinating nuggets of information. What’s something that you just love telling people about whenever you get the chance to bring it up in conversation?

I really enjoyed researching Robert the Bruce, who became king of Scotland.  He appears in all five books of the Warriors of the Highlands series—and even played the role somewhat of a matchmaker for my heroes and heroines.

Before we can let you go, we have a sillier question for you: If you lived in Campbell Castle, what role would you have? You can choose any of them, no matter the gender or age that would have normally been required. And how do you think you’d do in that role?

Oh, I’d want to be the heroine, of course—and fall in love with a brave and handsome Highlander!

Thank you so much for spending your time with us, Miriam. What should readers be looking out for from you after My Highland Champion? And where can they find you online?

The Warriors of the Highlands series will continue with My Highland Defender in August 2023, which is available for pre-order on Amazon.  Readers can also visit my website for the latest updates about new releases and fun giveaways. In fact, in celebration of the upcoming release of My Highland Champion (11/29), I’m giving away audiobooks of the first four books in the series to three lucky winners! So head over and put your name in! 

Miriam Minger is the bestselling author of sweet to sensual historical romances that sweep you from Viking times to Regency England to the American West. Miriam is also the author of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, inspirational romance, and children’s books. She is the winner of several Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards—including Best Medieval Historical Romance of the Year for The Pagan’s Prize—and a two-time RITA Award Finalist for The Brigand Bride and Captive Rose. Miriam loves to create stories that make you live and breathe the adventure, laugh and cry, and that touch your heart.


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