Halloween has officially faded to black, and while we know that the craziness of the holiday season will soon be upon us, we’re choosing to be willfully ignorant of that fact for a little while and revel in the crisp autumn weather so as to enjoy our last few “stress-free” weeks of the year.

And you know what that means, don’t you?

Books, books, and more books! That’s right, we’re talking reading away the hours until all the trees around us are as bald as we all were once upon a time.

But which books? Well, we’re personally itching for some good Historical Fiction; something slower to match the pace of the vibe we’re going for. More specifically? Historical Romances and maybe a dash of mystery. Even more specifically? (You are nosey, aren’t you?) We’re challenging ourselves to reread three of our favorite series, all of which have new books that are coming out just around the corner. Here’s what’s on our November TBR:

First up, we have Willa Blair’s Highland Talents Heritage series, which we’re reading to gear up for the 4th in the series, Highland Dreamer (11/15). Highland Prodigy is where we’ll start and it centers on Jamie Lathan (a name you might remember from Blair’s Highland Talents series) who has inherited the healing powers of his mother. For the longest time, he’s tried to hide what he can do, sure that he’ll be condemned. Deep down, though he knows he’ll never be able to fully deny that part of himself. And once he meets Aftyn–who’s attempting to take her late mother’s place as a healer, but still has so much to learn–he knows he must help her…but can he trust her with a secret this big? We know the answer, but we’re going to try our hardest to pretend like we don’t.

And how could we forget one very important detail?! You can grab your copy for free through 11/6!

Also coming out 11/15 is Highland Rose, the next in Celeste Barclay’s The Clan Sinclair Legacy series. This series is a treat for fans of Celeste’s. Not only is it an extension of her Clan Sinclair and Highland Ladies series, it also deals with descendants of characters from her Viking Glory series. It’s such a glorious, rich tapestry of characters and relationships woven together and we’re just so excited to see what comes next. If you want to read the first one in this series, check out Highland Lion. You’ll meet Liam Mackay, who has been sent to Orkney to oversee the transfer of control from the Norwegian King to Liam’s very own grandfather, Laird Liam Sinclair. And while he’s there, he’ll meet a fiery farmer’s daughter, Elene Isbister, who is desperate to find a safe path for herself and her siblings as change rocks her own family. Wait until you get a load of the chemistry between these two.

And then, finally, on 11/22, we’re looking forward to An Artful Compromise by Holly Newman, the second in her The Art of Love series. It’s the shortest series we have listed here so far, and they can be read on their own, but they’re just so fun, we can’t leave them out. The first book, An Artful Deceit, is the perfect mash-up of a mystery and a romance. There’s a house party, hidden passageways, mistaken identity, and a sneaky elderly prankster. And that just scratches the surface. So, please, check this one out and follow the Duke of Ellinbourne and Miss Ann Hallowell as they try to track down the two Michelangelo sketches that have gone missing right under everyone’s noses. Can you figure out whodunit before they do?

Phew. It’s a little daunting looking at that TBR list and the implied wobble a stack of physical books that tall might have…but we’re ready. And luckily, we’ve gotten all of these on ebook, so our risk of being buried by books is at a minimum…at least as far as this list goes…Just don’t look too hard at how many books we have stacked against the walls.

Happy reading, everyone!


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