Dear Readers, 

 Has that slight chill in the air (read as the mildest of breezes in the still suffocating heat…perhaps even a fan someone left on…) gotten you in the mood for a bit of magic? Like us, you really want to pluck up all of the mini-pumpkins from the store bins, put on some flannel, and dive into a good book with a nice warm apple cider…but you have to keep reminding yourself it’s only the end of August?

Well, as all of our lovely streaming services have been reminding us lately, it’s never too early or late to enjoy the magic of a good Fantasy. There are so many mesmerizing worlds to dive into right now, and we’re here to bring you a couple more that you really should put on your radar. 



Are you in the mood for ancient gods and goddesses with earth-shattering powers, and the descendants who must now learn to harness those powers to ensure the safety of humanity? 

Terri Brisbin has a book for that. She actually has several, but Rising Fire is the first of her Warriors of the Stone Circles series. The third book in the series, Blazing Earth, releases with OHB on September 27th, so there’s no better time to get started on it. 



What about Dragons? There are two people in this world: those who wish they could ride a dragon, and those who are lying to themselves because they’re scared of heights…and perhaps being burned alive just a tad bit. 

And if you fit into this category, which logically you must, then you’d fit right in with Medea de Bar of Elizabeth Rose’s Bewitched, who we touched on a few weeks ago when Elizabeth was celebrating the book’s release (her 100th to date!) This book is the second in her Portals of Destiny series and it also includes portals to other worlds, knights, and banned magic. It really checks off a lot of boxes. 


Oh, you want dragons, but more modern day? 

Then look no further than Coreene Callahan’s Fury of a Highland Dragon. You’ll get Fated Mates, a sexy shape-shifting Scottish dragon, and a framed ethical hacker, wanted by the FBI, that our dragon must keep safe. And then, the series is ongoing, so you can go from there. She also has another Dragonfury series that you’ll definitely enjoy if this hits the spot. 


Or maybe you’re looking for something a little calmer, something more introspective and subtle, but still has splashes of fantasy? 

Camille Duplessis’ Like Silk Breathing might be perfect for you. It’s a quiet, poetic walk in the shoes of illusive, yet whimsical beings trying to navigate love and loss in a gas lamp lit England. Plus, there’s a selkie, and we don’t have nearly enough selkie stories out there. We’re just saying. 



Lastly, if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, that might be because you’re on the lookout for those pointy-eared mainstays of High Fantasy that we all know and love: Elves. 

Yes, we love them too and we know the perfect story for you. Tanya Anne Crosby’s The Goldenchild Prophecy series delves into Ancient British History to bring you one of the original scorned women, Gwendolyn of Cornwall. In this magical reimagining of the tale, Crosby weaves in all manner of myths and legends and will have you wishing it was already next year so that you could find out what happens next. The Cornish Princess is the first in this series. 


Well now,  don’t mind us, we’re headed to find some good elf ears for our next Renaissance Festival costume, but we can’t wait to see what you think of these OHB Fantasy picks!


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