Hello there, Dear Readers!

Next week is the start of a very exciting milestone for us:

It’s our birthday 🥳 !!!

So, as our gift to all of you, the ones who help make this all possible, our authors are working hard so that we can start releasing guest blog posts every week from now on. Please join us as we help Wednesday shed its bad reputation as that boring hump we have to get over in the middle of the week, and, instead, step into its new role as Writerly Wednesday!

Our very first guest will be the beyond-talented Camille Duplessis, who will be starting things off by interviewing the mysterious Theo Harper, a character from this week’s release, Like Silk Breathing! From then on, you can expect Q&A’s with authors like Kari Lee Harmon, deep dives into what inspires writers like Alexa Aston, as well as character interviews galore.


On top of all of that, you can also expect a smattering of other new blog posts to come: book recommendations, editors’ picks, and more! We’re so excited to finally be putting this little corner of the internet to good use.


 We’ll be seeing you soon!👋



























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