We want you!

by | Sep 22, 2021 | OHB Blog | 0 comments

Oliver Heber Books has a very unique review team. Everyone on the list has a chance to review EVERY book.
A new review opportunity arrives every Thursday, and it’s first-come, first-served. You never have to review books you don’t wish to review. (Simply don’t download it, and wait for the next opportunity. Please note: If you download, you will have to review it before downloading a new one.)
We understand that review opportunities can arrive at inopportune times, so you are always in control of what you sign up to review.
All are welcome, but please do not download titles for authors you don’t wish to review. Please leave them for others.
And here’s a hint: Take a peek at our Publication schedule to see who has a new release coming up, then just wait for the ARC opportunity, which will usually arrive two weeks before publication.
Sign up for the review team: https://oliver-heberbooks.com/review-team/
Review the publication schedule: https://oliver-heberbooks.com/publication-dates/
Are you a blogger who needs more time? Contact kate@oliver-heberbooks.com