Are you a Book Blogger?

by | May 27, 2021

This form is ONLY for Book Bloggers/Review sites; your site will be reviewed. Not all sites will be accepted. But don’t worry; regardless of whether you’re accepted to this limited program, you may still continue to receive our weekly review newsletter.

However, because our public review team is a first-come, first-served opportunity, this list is being established to make certain preferred book bloggers receive a copy of all the books you hope to review. The benefits of being on this list are that you won’t have the same requirements for review that are attached to the public review team (time constraints, etc), and/or there may be opportunities you receive earlier, or opportunities you receive exclusively. Please only sign up for this list if you represent a blogging site for book reviews for which you are authorized to solicit books to review.

Once reviewed, we also encourage you to send your published reviews to reviews@oliver-heberbooks.comĀ 

Please note: You are not obligated to leave the public review team, and I would recommend you stay on it, just in case. If you respond to the weekly ARC email instead of downloading a copy, we’ll crosscheck your email and divert you to another means to download.


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While we acknolwege that sometimes you won't like a book, and may not wish to leave a review for it, or life gets in the way; reviews are sometimes not possible, only "yes" responses will be eligible for this list.